Thanks for another year of DWN! I really do appreciate it. Along with the 33% off all masks, busts and props with code "Thanks21" at checkout, I also took 7 pieces out of retierment and they will be available to purchase during the sale. After that, they are gone. Please allow 6-8 weeks to get your order. I'll do my best but please don't place an order expecting it for Christmas. All items are made when ordered and I still have other work that is not related to the Black Friday Sale. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Again I greatly appreciate all the support through the years.


Sold Out

Hope everyone is doing well. I will not be filling any more orders until Nov 3rd. Laurey and I are getting married on the 31st and I need to take some time off. If you would like you can still place an order just expect a longer wait time.
Also, international shipping has been a problem lately so before placing an international order click here to see if there is an International Mail Service Suspension for your country.
Have a Happy Halloween!

It's wild to think I've been doing this 16 years. Where does the time go? Thanks for all the support, kindwords and friendships these past 16 years! Ran a pole on the ol' social media between a sale and a new "BOYGOB" variant. I guess you know which one won. This will be up for this weekend only then taken down. Give me about 3 weeks or so to get these made and shipped out. I hope for everyone in the US ordering to get them in time for Halloween. Thanks again and here is to another 16. BOYGOB!

This is a HIGH GRADE latex HALF mask. Mask is cut and ready to wear with an elastic strap.

Price - $70 Plus Shipping
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Hope everyone is doing well. Just a quick update letting you know that the Paypal payment email has changed. The contact email is still the same but the new PAYMENT email is So if you have the old one saved please do not send payments to that email. I also put a NEW MASK up, so check that out! Thanks.

Hope everyone had a greath 4th! Since a few people wanted em here you go. The preorder will be up for about a week, maybe a couple days more if someone needs it. Please note Size, Name (Nothing Fucked) and Number (Max of 2 Numbers) at checkout in the "How Did You Hear about Us" Box under Additional Information. The jerseys are sumblimated and come in sizes Small-4XL. Jerseys will take about 6 weeks to get to ya so be aware of that. These won't be ran again so if you want one, get one. .

$old Out


New Mask!


Got some can sleeves in. They will be thrown in with orders or get one at the Houston Horror Film Fest.

Doing a quick Pre-Order for a new latex half mask. These colors will not be ran again. Click the pic below to Pre-Order yours now.

Sold Out!

Check out the video of Alla Xul Ellu's "Deathbed" which I directed and did the fx for.

Hope everyone has been doing well. I've been staying busy pumpin' out masks for Alla Xul Elu. I recently directed a music video for AXE as well, stay tuned! Going to have a week or so between runs so I figure I'd do a small run of my own. Preorders will be up for this weekend only, so if you want one get one. Please allow about 4 weeks for delivery.

Sold Out. Thanks to all who got a set. I appreciate it.

Happy New Year, all! Hope everyone had a great holiday season. I have about 7 pieces left to make from the black friday sale. Thanks for the patients, I greatly appreciate it. Feel free to look around, I updated the pictures in the "About", "Resume" and added my 2nd movie "Cheeseballs" to the "Video" section FREE TO WATCH. Hope everyone has a great 2021. Let's all kick fuckin' ass this year!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Black Friday Sale! As expected I got a few orders, so like what was said in the last update, expect 6 weeks for orders to go out. Thanks again and Happy Holidays.


Welp, it's that time of year again. Thanks for all the support you have shown me not only this year but the last 15 years, I greatly appreciate it. To show you that I do care, once again all Masks, Busts and Props are 33% off, just use code “Black20” at check out. Unlike past years the sale will only run through Saturday, so don't sleep on it. Also things are changing for me here at DWN. First off I AM NOT SHUTTING DWN DOWN, so don't worry about that. However after the sale a few items will be taken down and wait times for products will be a little longer. I have been lucky enough the last few years to work with Alla Xul Elu (They are great, check out their music!), and as they have grown so has their need for more masks. That's where I come in. I am switching gears slightly and focusing more on doing work for AXE instead of focusing on the “mail order” side. I will still have items up for sale, however. Items will just take a little longer to get to ya. Unfortunately this also means my time to make brand new products and custom work will be limited. I do plan on making new stuff though, I'd go crazy.., er crazier if I couldn't. So there is that. Now a note about the sale. I wasn't going to have it. As you can guess I'm busy right now, but it is tradition and I want to show that I truly am thankful for your support over the years. Therefore the orders placed during the sale will take approximately 6ish weeks to get out. Remember I am just one dude and everything is made when ordered. Some orders will arrive before some might arrive after, but at 33% off I don't see that being a big deal. ALSO IF YOU ARE WANTING SOMETHING FOR CHRISTMAS I CAN'T PROMISE IT WILL MAKE IT IN TIME. Thanks for the support and I hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving! Boygob.

Thanks to everyone who supported me with the sale this weekend! You guys are awesome! That being said I'm pretty swamped for the next few weeks. So if you are trying to place an order in time for Halloween it probably won't get to you in time. I will still take orders but just know you will have a month or more wait at this time, I will update the news feed again when it gets back to normal, Thanks again for 15 years!

This weekend marks 15 years of DWN Productions. It's been extremely hard and stressful these last 15 years but I don't know what else I would be doing. Thanks to everyone who has ever bought something I made or helped out on a project, I greatly appreciate it. Let's hope I can make it another 15 years..., and if its a little easier and a little less stressful I'd be completely ok with that. Remember to use code "15Years" at check out as a little thank you for the support. Also, don't forget to get a 15 Years of Masks, Monsters and Movies T-shirt. You can find the ordering info in the post below this one. Thanks again all, I really do appreciate it.
Note -Orders may not arrive in time for Halloween, so keep that in mind.

Celebrate the 15 Years of Masks, Monsters and Movies with the DWN Productions Anniversary T-Shirt! This is a limited preorder for this week only. Shirts should ship mid October.
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