If you are in this area you either want to ask me a question or want to buy something..., maybe something is fucked with the site and you want to let me know.... Well here is the place to do it! If you want to place a order just E-mail me at and let me know what you are looking for! Please let me know in the e-mail subject what the e-mail is reguarding.... Say you want to place a order please type in the title "DWN Productions Order". Below the E-mails are a list of Requently Asked Questions please read threw those before e-mail me with a question I answered on the site. Thanks for stopping by!

Q: Who do I make the money order or check out to?
A: Make them out to "DWN Productions"

Q: Do you do Custom Work? Say I Wanted a Special Mask Made, Would you do it?
A; Sure, just E-mail me! Pics are always good to send to me to when asking about custom work. Or atleast go into good detail on what you want.
NO REFUNDS ON CUSTOM WORK. I have a web page full of my work to help you decide if I am the guy to take on your project. Custom work is half up front and half when the piece in completed. If the 2nd half of the payment is not recived within 3 months of the pieces completion a 10% fee will be added each month to the remaning payment.

Q: Why dose custom work cost more than a mask you have on the site?
A: Custom work is done from scratch. From the sculpting to the painting it all takes time. So you are paying for my time to work on it.

Q: The promo code won't work when I check out hat should I do?
A:EmailMe within the time frame that the code is valid for and I will take care of you.

Q: If I want a product painted diffrent than you have on the site will you do it?
A: Sure! It might cost a little more depending but if you are spending money at DWN Productions I want to get you a product you will enjoy.

Q: I have a movie I' making and would like DWN Productions to do the effects..., would you be down?
A: Sure just hit me up with the info and I'll get back to you and let you know if I'm available. If you have any other question please feel free to hit me up at

Q: Do you accept returns
A: No I do not for one main reason... would you want to buy a mask someone else has been wearing with all their spit and sweat sloshing around in there...? Thats what I thought. Plus all items are made when ordered. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need before purchasing thats what I'm here for.