FISTED! is a throwback to terrible 90's SOV slasher movies. Follow a camp troop out for revenage as things go horribly wrong as the are stalked by "THE Jerklin' Boy" deep in the woods! FISTED has special appearances by Tommy Dreamer, Blowfly, Big Jay Oakerson, and Lloyd Kaufman. this is one camp out you don't want to miss!



"Cheeseballs" is Dwn Productions 2nd movie. It is a comedy paying homage to bad horror movies. "Cheeseballs" is a anthology featuring 6 stories and Hosted by Lloyd Kaufman!
Stories Include
Pizzademic: The Pizza That Rapes People
See what happens when a enchanted pizza bent on rape runs wild on a group of friends celebrating one of their own getting his bootleg greencard in the mail!
Pizzademic 2: Suckapuss
The Pizza saga continues! No the pizza must stop the dreaded creature the SuckaPuss from wreaking havok on the world!
Pizzademic 3:The Legend of Sweethole Brown
O yes the pizza is back and this time it is in 3-D! This time the pizza hunts down a serial killer who lives in the woods named Sweet Hole Brown!
CockSucker The Movie
Witness whats happens when a hooker dosent deliver what she was paid for!
Horror insues when a group of travelers car breaks down and they seek help from the wrong people!
The Fantastical Banana Spider Hero Boy
Episode 0307 Titled "Cum-up-ins" of the hit animated series!
The Cheeseballs DVD is SOLD OUT. However Cheeseballs is a bonus feature on the FISTED! DVD.

Race War: The Remake is our first movie and is now out on DVD and VOD WORLD WIDE!
Race War is the 2012 Winner for Best Comedy in the Polygrind Film Festival.

Get Ready For War! Nobody sells their junk in crack dealer Baking Soda's territory - not even neo-nazis from outer space!
Get mad, arm up, and start a RACE WAR!
This is Tom Martino's feature film based on his Alamo Drafthouse-winning zombie short, and unlike any blaxploitation movie you've ever seen!

Race War the Remake is out of print but you still may be able to find copies on eBay. Good Luck, it's worth seeking out!